My life is like running a negative split.

I started slow.

I feel like I dug a hole and got behind.

I’ve been running my race.

I’ve been biding my time and patiently waiting for the moment to turn it on.

When my time comes, I’ll be ready.

I’ll make my move.

I’ll pick up the pace.

I’ll sustain it.

I’ll get stronger.

It’s not always who goes out the fastest who wins the race.

Sometimes it’s the one who finishes the strongest.

This is my race. I’m running my pace. I feel myself getting stronger. I will finish strong.

We can’t control the past. We can’t control how we started. We can’t control the miles behind us. We can control where we are. We can control how we finish. Let’s finish stronger than we started. Let’s give ourselves a chance to win.