There’s a problem with judging somebody based only on their degrees and certifications.

I get it.

It reflects commitment to learning, educational achievement, and test taking ability. It’s an investment in ourselves.

It’s an objectIve approach. There’s a paper trail. It’s safe.

Those things are important.

Do you know what else is important?

Self-education and experiences.

Those don’t show up on the resume. People can’t see them.

Do people really think they know who we are based on a paper?

I have a lot more going on. I’m a lot deeper than that.

People don’t know what we’re doing behind the scenes. I don’t know about you, but I’m working.

Self-education is just as important as formal education and certifications.

You see what you see. You see what you want to see.

You don’t see countless hours of researching, studying, reading, listening, watching, observing, and learning every single day.

Every single day.

Resumes are a great way to showcase our formal experiences.

You can’t quantify our real-life experiences.

I’ve had a lot of those. I’m just as proud of those, if not more proud.