When I commit to something, I follow through.

I committed to my education.

Bachelor of Science in Education

Master of Science in Accounting

I committed to passing tests.

Certified Math Teacher

Certified Public Accountant

Series 7

Certified Personal Trainer

Certified Group Fitness Instructor

I committed to my wife. We’ve been married for over six years. We were engaged for about two years. We’ve been together for a total of over thirteen years.

I’ve committed to my physical health and mental health. I’ve run four marathons. I exercise daily. I write daily. I read daily. I learn daily.

I’ve yet to commit to a job or business or career or whatever you want to call it.

That’s the missing piece. That’s the piece that keeps me up at night. It’s my Holy Grail. I want it.

Once I find it, and I will find it, watch out.

I know I’m driven. I know I’m motivated. I know when I commit, I’m a dangerous force to be reckoned with.

But I’m so hard on myself. I put so much pressure on myself.

Sometimes I feel worthless, useless, helpless, and hopeless. Sometimes I feel like I’m a waste of life.

I’m my own worst enemy. I’m my own biggest critic.

When you’re feeling down, look back and think about all you’ve accomplished, how far you’ve come, and all of the progress you’ve made.

The future is bright. The best is yet to come.