Some people look down on others. They think they’re better than them. They think they’re too good for them. They don’t want to associate with them. They ignore them and act like they don’t exist.

Those are my people you’re looking down on.

You are building walls. I’m trying to tear them down.

You are building moats. I’m trying to build bridges.

If you are abundant, overflowing, and complete, try building longer tables, escalators, and elevators.

The only time you should be looking down on others is when you are lifting them up and helping them find higher ground.

That’s my calling. That’s my purpose. That’s my why.

To help people who need the most help.

Nobody should be excluded.

We are humans. We are a team.

We all could use a little help. We all can win.

There’s room for us all. All are welcome.