Perception – how we’re viewed by others.

Our appearance. Our presentation. What we wear. What we drive. Where we live.

We portray to the world who we are, who we want to be, or both.

We choose how we portray ourselves. We control the narrative. We paint our life.

There’s an incentive to exaggerate. There’s an incentive to fake it until we make it.

We can portray success. We can fake looking successful.

We can get an auto loan to buy a nice car. We can use a credit card to buy nice clothes, a nice pair of shoes, and a nice watch.

We play fictional characters. We play the part. We act to get ahead.

I don’t agree, but if that’s how you want and need to get ahead, it’s not my place to intervene.

I prefer to be myself. I prefer to be honest, real, and true. I don’t want to live a lie.

It may take me longer, but I will get ahead and will be successful. And I will do it the honest, hard way.