I’ve been hedging my bets. I’ve been spreading my bets wide.

I thought I was doing myself a favor by diversifying.

Diversification reduces risk.

Concentration and specialization leads to bigger gains.

I’ve been waiting for the perfect hand and perfect opportunity.

I’ve been thinking about the next opportunity rather than the one right in front of me.

We don’t need a perfect hand. We don’t need the best hand. We need a good hand.

When we have a good hand, recognize it and play it. Get the most out of it. Capitalize and take advantage of it.

When we have the best hand, go all in.

I’ve been waiting for the perfect hand. It hasn’t come yet.

The perfect hand doesn’t exist. The perfect opportunity doesn’t exist. Perfection doesn’t exist.

Be selective. Be patient.

But if we keep folding one hand after another and refuse to play, we’ll slowly lose all of our chips and money.

Be ready. Be smart. Be aggressive.

We can win even if we don’t have the best hand.