I’ve been an athlete my whole life.

While growing up I remember being intimidated by certain athletes and certain teams.

Last week I ran a 5K.

Here are some thoughts I had after the race:

Be so good others are scared to race against you.

If you’re a team, be so good others are scared to play you.

Be so good others don’t want to compete against you.

Be so good others don’t even want to show up.

It’s a mind game. It’s mental. Strike fear into our opponents.

They’ll be deflated and demoralized before they even show up.

While they’re focusing on us, we’re focused on the mission, on winning, on dominating.

This doesn’t happen by accident or chance.

It takes time and work. It takes dedication and effort. It takes planning and preparation. It takes practice and training.

Commit. Show up consistently. Do the work necessary to be successful or elite. Train the mind. Train the body.

Gain an edge. Get an advantage. Capitalize.

I was the hunted. I am now the hunter.