I haven’t written about the importance of endurance in our lives and careers. I haven’t given it much thought until recently.

We often say hard work is the key to success.

Hard work doesn’t mean much if we can’t sustain it over a prolonged period of time.

Endurance is something I’m extremely familiar with. I’m an endurance athlete. I’m a runner. I’ve run four marathons.

I’ve been running consistently for 15+ years. I’ve practiced. I’m experienced.

There are multiple factors that make a good runner. One of those factors is proper pacing.

I’ve learned to pace myself. But it wasn’t always that way.

I made mistakes. I repeated mistakes.

It was choppy. I’ve gone out to fast. I’ve gone out to hard. I’ve gone to slow. I’ve started. I’ve stopped. I’ve hit the wall. I’ve died at the end of races.

I’ve learned valuable lessons. I learned many of them the hard way. I learned through experience.

Life is an endurance event. Life is a marathon.

I’m working on pacing myself.

I’ve sprinted when I should have been running. I was pedal to the metal, full throttle, and wide-open when I should have been steady.

I’ve burned myself out. I’ve hurt my performance in the process. I’ve hurt others, too.

Master the art of pacing.

Maintain a consistent pace and effort rather than short bursts of speed and intensity.

Strike the balance. Smooth it out. Find your normal. Find your natural pace.

Practice pacing.

No matter how fast or slow your pace, keep running. Speed up when you can. Slow down when you must.

Endurance is a key to success. Slow, steady, and consistent wins the race.

Enjoy the sights along the way. And don’t forget to drink some water.