A few days ago I watched the trailer for a new documentary about Anthony Bourdain.

I can’t stop thinking about one of the lines I heard.

“Reality was never going to live up to exactly how he pictured it.”

These words struck a chord. They hit home. They hit me hard. I can relate.

I’m a dreamer. I’m a believer. I’m always looking for an adventure.

Reality doesn’t live up to my dreams. Reality doesn’t live up to how I picture it. Reality doesn’t live up to my expectations.

I refuse to settle. I strive for better and more.

Striving for better and more is exhausting. It’s a long, lonely journey. I’m constantly searching and seeking. I’m constantly looking for the next challenge and adventure. I’m constantly running and chasing.

“Life’s about finding a cliff worth jumping off.”

Will my life live up to the picture in my imagination?