My resume looks like a science experiment.

I’m proud of it. I’ve tried. I’ve experimented. I’ve learned. I’ve succeeded. I’ve failed.

Things have gone right. Things have gone wrong. Through trial and error, I’m one step closer to creating the solution.

Some may say job hopping, changing careers, and starting businesses is foolish.

I think it’s smart. I think it’s courageous. I think it’s how we learn. Changing is strength.

Scientists learn by testing. We learn by doing.

I’ve spent a lot of time in the lab. I’ve invested a lot of time refining the process and trying to create the right formula.

Scientists don’t get it right on their first attempt.

Why does society put pressure on us to get it right directly after high school or college?

A resume – a piece of paper – deters us from trying. It deters us from experimenting and learning.

We stay in miserable jobs because of a resume. We don’t try new things because of a resume.

We are worried how we will look on a piece of paper. I’m more concerned with how I’m doing in reality.

I don’t want to work for an anybody that values a piece of paper more than human life experiences anyway.

A resume can open certain doors. Experiences and new perspectives are the gateway to a whole new life.