I used to enjoy traveling. I still do, but it has turned into work.

I’m a creature of habit. I like my routine. Traveling disrupts it.

After traveling, I need time to get back on track. I need a vacation from a vacation.

I believe everything I do in life should make me feel better, not worse. If traveling is setting me back and making me feel worse, not better, then why am I doing it?

After traveling, I’m often tired, exhausted, drained, beat down, and worn out. I don’t get quality runs and workouts in. I overeat and overdrink. I don’t sleep enough. I spend too much money.

I like traveling three to four nights at a time. It’s enough but not too much. That’s an enjoyable amount of time before I get really thrown off. Any more and I’m ready to go home and get back to normal.

Traveling is a gift. Traveling is life-changing. It’s eye-opening. We’re exposed to different people, places, and cultures. We get to experience different ways of life. We learn. We gain a whole new view and perspective on life and the world.

What I truly want is a life I don’t want a vacation from.

I’d like to travel less. I’d like to live places and truly experience places. I’d like to live like a local. Traveling is awesome, but being able to live places for an extended period of time would be amazing. I could still have a routine and take my time while exploring and learning.