Why so serious?

We hear people say “Don’t take life so seriously.”

I was one of those people who heard this and said I was going to try to stop taking life so seriously.

But you know what, to me, serious is fun.

There. I said it. Serious is fun. I have fun being serious.

I don’t need to be laughing to have fun. I don’t need quick hits of pleasure to have fun.

I enjoy my own company. I enjoy peace and quiet. I enjoy thinking about ideas and life. I enjoy writing and reading. I enjoy running and training. I enjoy doing what I do and living life my way.

Just because I’m not out partying every night doesn’t mean I’m not having fun. Just because I’m not laughing at the top of my lungs all day every day doesn’t mean I’m not having fun.

I live it up every single day because I live life my way every single day. I do what I enjoy every single day. Living my way on my terms is fun.

Why so serious?

Because serious is fun. Living my way is fun.

You have fun your way. I’ll have fun my way. To each their own.