To be, or not to be desperate.

I had a negative connotation of the word desperate.

When I thought of the word desperate, here’s what I thought:

Not to chase. Not to beg. Not to get overly excited. Play it cool. Play hard to get. Make it appear we don’t need it. Make it appear we have leverage. I get it.

Here’s a positive connotation and how we can use desperation to our advantage:

When we’re short resources, we’re forced to make better use of them. We’re forced to be more effective. We must be more creative.

When we’re desperate, we don’t have time to waste. It forces us to focus and be more efficient.

When we’re desperate and have no safety net, we must work hard. We must find a way. We have no choice but to make it work.

Are we truly desperate? Do we need it or just want it? Either way, be cool, be creative, work hard, and make the most of our resources.