I loved you when you were here.

I still love you now that you’re gone.

You always told me you loved me.

I always said the same in return.

Thank you for raising me.

I never went without.

You were selfless.

You sacrificed your life for me.

You always put me first.

You put my wants and needs ahead of your own.

You were always there for me.

You did the best you could.

You taught me.

You took care of me.

You protected me and kept me safe.

Although you’re not here anymore, I know you’re in a better place.

I’m happy you’re at peace and know you’re smiling down.

I know I’m not the perfect son, but I hope I make you proud.

You are a part of me.

I’ll carry you with me forever.

I think about you often.

I miss you all the time.

Happy Mother’s Day in heaven.

What I wouldn’t do to be in your arms.