We don’t get better at anything by not doing it. We don’t get better at anything by doing it every once in a while

We get better at anything by doing it regularly and routinely.

Here’s an example:

I’ve run four marathons.

I ran my first marathon in 2012. I didn’t run my second until 2019. My time stayed about the same in both races.

I ran my third marathon in 2020. My time dropped around a few minutes from the first two.

I ran my fourth in 2021. My time dropped by about thirteen minutes.

We don’t get better at anything by doing it haphazardly, randomly, and sporadicly.

We get better at anything when we do it consistently and with intention.

This is true no matter what we’re trying to accomplish and achieve in life.

Huge gaps in training or whatever it is we’re doing don’t help us.

If we want to get better, show up and be consistent. Commit and make it a priority. Practice and repeat it often. We get better at what we do, practice, and repeat. It’s all about repetition.

As you can see with me, I got better when I was more intentional and took it more seriously. I committed to getting better and training more. The pattern doesn’t lie. If we want to get better at anything, we must dedicate more time and effort.

Get in the zone and stay in the zone. Get familiar and stay familiar. Get comfortable and stay comfortable.

Then keep biting off more. Keep challenging ourselves to improve and get better. Keep pushing ourselves to get more uncomfortable. Keep testing ourselves.

When we see our progress and the rewards, we want to continue. When we see the fruits of our labor, we want to keep going. When we see the return on our investment of time and work, we want to proceed. It is addicting.

The trend is our friend. Ride the momentum. We become dull when we lull. Keep the confidence rolling.