Life experiences are the ultimate education. Experiences gives us perspective. Exposing ourselves to different perspectives is one of the most important and beneficial things we can do for ourselves.

Seek different experiences. Seek different people. Seek different cultures. Seek different perspectives.

Open our eyes. Open our minds. Open our hearts.

Expose ourselves to different people, cultures, foods, areas, religions, and ways of life.

Seek diversity. Seek people who don’t look like us, act like us, walk like us, talk like us, and dress like us.

I believe we all should go to third world countries.

We should see the poverty with our own two eyes. No running water. Dirty water. Little to no food. Decrepit buildings. Dirt floors.

This will keep us humble and grateful. It will spark us to help and do something about it.

I believe we should see the wealthiest areas in the world.

See the mansions. See the fancy cars. See the immaculate, meticulous landscaping. See the luxurious structures, pools, shops, and restaurants. See how the wealthy eat, drink, and live.

This will keep us hungry, motivated, and driven. We can see that anything is possible.

Just know outside of the little bubble you are living in, there is a whole nother world out there.

Seek it all.