Before we turn to medications, prescriptions, supplements, and treatments, let’s first try moving more, eating better, sleeping more, resting more, smiling more, laughing more, drinking plenty of water, taking walks, getting sunlight, breathing fresh air, taking breaks, reading, writing, thinking, learning, connecting, communicating, and building relationships.

Before we turn to fads, crazes, gimmicks, shortcuts, quick fixes, latest trends, and next big things, let’s first give the simple, basic fundamentals a try. They’re boring, but when practiced and repeated consistently, they work. They’re time-tested. They’ve stood the test of time.

Once we exhaust all natural, common sense, logical, rational options, then explore, experiment, and try new and different things.

We’re always looking for a shortcut. We’re always looking for an easy way out. We always want to take the path of least resistance. We’re impatient.

I’m not saying these will solve all of our problems, but I do believe they are a starting point.

The process is the process. Work for it. Wait for it. We’ll be better for it.