I just spent some time reflecting and evaluating my life.

How am I wasting time and energy? What am I doing inefficiently? What am I doing that isn’t be benefiting, helping, and serving me?

I’m not adding. I’m taking away. I’m decluttering. I’m cleaning up. I’m eliminating distractions.

This is a prime example of addition by subtraction, less is more, quality over quantity.

Less busy. More meaning. More focus. More intention. More productive.

I’ve been stretching myself too thin. I’ve been going in too many directions. I haven’t been getting a positive return on my investment.

Focus on the most fruitful things and the things with the highest upside potential. Do less things, but do them deeper. Do them well. Do them better. Go deep. Go hard.

Slow down the speed up. Shrink to expand. Go backward to go forward.

Simplify life. Get the most out of our time and energy. Be efficient. Focus on our priorities. Do things that offer a positive return on investment. Work smarter not harder.