I learn a lot about my priorities on Sundays.

I use Sundays to clean and do chores.

I use Sundays to tie up loose ends and get ready for the week ahead.

No Sunday funday for me.

Sundays are a weird day for me. It’s still the weekend but feels like the work week. It’s a weird transition.

I learn what’s important to me on Sundays.

I have limited time. I have limited energy. I want to use my time and my energy doing things I want to do.

One of the last things I want to do is clean and take care of a house.

Shelter is important to me. I’m grateful to have a place to stay and live.

I need a place to lay my head at night. I want to be safe and comfortable. I want it to be clean, but hey, people used to sleep on dirt floors, right?

The point of this conversation is taking care of a house is not how I want to use my time. Taking care of a car is not how I want to use my time. They’re not that important to me. They’re not my priorities.

We genuinely want to do things that are important to us.

I’m writing this right now. I enjoy this. I could spend hours doing this.

I enjoy running and training. I like maintaining my body and my mind. I like taking care of myself and my health. I could spend hours doing this.

Make more time to do things we enjoy. Spend less time on chores and doing things we don’t like.

Writing is work. Running is work. Training is work. They just don’t feel like work. Do more things that don’t feel like work.

Life is too short to waste our time and energy doing things that don’t matter to us.

If I have any visitors, give me a heads up so I can get this place straightened up for you. 😉