When Meg and I first started dating 14 years ago, I was extremely jealous.

I got jealous when she’d talk to other guys. I got jealous when she would look at other guys.

I was insecure. Extremely.

Jealously on the outside came from my own insecurity on the inside.

I was controlling. Sometimes I feel like I ruined some of the best years of Meg’s life.

I’ve grown more confident. I’ve grown more secure.

I want to spend the rest of my life with Meg, and I hope she wants to spend the rest of her life with me.

More than anything, I want Meg to be happy. I want what’s best for her and her life. Whatever that may be.

Take it from me. Fight for what you want, but don’t be be jealous, insecure, and controlling. Get over it. It’s freeing.

If it’s meant to be it will be. Whatever happens happens. Life will play out the way it’s supposed to.

Although either of us can walk any given day, we’ve committed to each other, we trust each other, we care for each other, and we love each other.

Though there were bumps in the road and still are, I’m happy, grateful, and thankful my life played out with Meg in it.