Health is a prerequisite for my happiness.

I learn this lesson over and over again.

This is how it goes:

I put everybody else’s wants and needs ahead of my own. I put the world first.

I get busy. I get tired, irritable, and grumpy. I wear myself down.

I get stressed out. I burn myself out. I get

I make bad choices and decisions.

I feel like my life is crumbling. I feel like my life is falling apart.

I get unhealthy physically and mentally. I get unhappy.

I get away from who I am. I stray off course. I go to a bad, deep, dark place.

It’s a viscous cycle. A downward spiral. It feels like I’m in an out of control free fall.

This is what I need to do:

Take control. Get back to me. Get back to who I am. Get back to living my life on my terms. Get back to being healthy. Get back to a good place physically and mentally.

When will I learn my lesson?

I’ll take it as a sign from above that I need to prioritize my health above all else. Because I’m at my best when I’m healthy. I’m a better human when I’m healthy.