I ran. Meg did yoga. Then we had a photoshoot. Best Easter ever.

Had to have it. Squeaked out my highest mileage week ever. When we get that close, go for it. Why not? 4th and final 70 mile week for my upcoming marathon.

New route. Explored new territory. Covered new ground.

Wasn’t pretty. Win ugly. Survive and advance.

About 1 mile higher than my previous high. 1 mile is still higher. Not by much. Continuous improvement. Incremental improvement. By the slightest percentage. It adds up. It compounds. The gains accumulate.

I planned to run 12 miles to get to 70 miles for the week.

When I was running, I said, “Why not?”

I knew I was close. Why stop? Why not push myself a little further?

I got 14 in.

Up the ante. Push the envelope forward. Little by little.

15 miler yesterday. 14 miler today. Back to back. Great running weekend.

Marathon ready.