Last night I wrote, “I’m hard to love.”

I stand by my statement.

Let’s talk about it.

I’m weird. I have my quirks and idiosyncrasies.

I can take myself and life too seriously.

People may not like me for what I say and do.

I’m intense and energetic. I’m high-strung and can be overbearing.

I can be a little too much for people.

If you really got to know me, you may not like me. Maybe you already don’t like me.

If we spent some time together, you may think differently of me.

We really learn about others when we spend a prolonged period of time with them.

I spend every single day with myself. I love myself. But I know I’m not for everybody.

In most cases, the more time we spend with people the less we like them. There are few people we are capable of spending a lot of time with.

They say not to room with your friends at college and to live with your significant other before getting married.

After work or after a vacation with friends or family, we need some time, distance, and space.

Not to burst your bubble, but I think we’re all hard to love. Sorry.

This is nothing against me or you. Humans are difficult.

I hope we all find one or two people who love us for us.

Remember, you should always have one person who loves you. That person is you.

Be yourself. Be real. Be true. I hope you find somebody who loves you for you. I hope you find somebody who says, “Loving you is easy.”