Sometimes I want to fall off the face of the earth. Sometimes I want to be anonymous and invisible. Sometimes I want to fly under the radar and get off the grid. Sometimes I want to be on an island all by myself.

I’m not sure what’s stopping me.

I believe in what I’m doing. I believe I can make a difference. I believe I can help humans.

I have stories. I’m going to tell them.

I have experiences. I’m going to share them.

I’ve made mistakes. I want to help others learn from them.

I have a message. I’m going to shout it from the rooftops.

I have a voice. I’m going to use it.

I have strength. I’m going to stick up for humanity.

I’m brave and have courage. I’m going to challenge the system.

I have beliefs. I’m going to stand up for them.

I believe we have a duty and responsibility to give back and leave the world in a better place.

I’m not exactly sure what keeps me going, but I have a fire blazing inside. I’m sure not going to let it go to waste. I have a lot of fight left in me.