Have you ever had a meeting with somebody who drives a nice car and wears nice shoes and clothes and a nice watch?

Maybe you’ve gone to a fancy dinner or event.

It can be intimidating stepping out of our Average Joe car with our Average Joe clothes and shoes and our watchless wrist.

I’m not bashing cars, shoes, clothes, and watches. This is not about that. If somebody can afford these things and wants these things, more power to the person.

This is for the rest of us. Maybe we can afford them but don’t want them. Maybe we can’t afford them.

This is a reminder that we are not the car we drive. We are not the shoes and clothes and watch we wear.

We don’t have to want the best of everything. We don’t have to own the best of everything.

Don’t tie our self-worth to external possessions.

Don’t feel small because we don’t own something or can’t afford something.

Material possessions don’t make a person. They’re just things we own. They’re statement pieces. They’re for social status.

Just because somebody has things doesn’t mean the person is better than anybody else.

Remember, true confidence comes from within. We don’t need to own things to prove we’ve made it.

Drive our car with confidence. Wear our clothes and shoes with confidence. Proudly show off our watchless wrist.

Wear our self-confidence in the way we carry ourselves. Wear our self-confidence in the way we smile, the eye contact we make, the handshake we give, the manners we show, and the energy and passion we bring. These things cannot be bought.