“Look me in the eye. Say it to my face.”

Ok boomer.

That’s an old school approach if I’ve ever heard one.

What’s next? “Let’s take this to the parking lot and put our dukes up.”

If you think I’m a coward, so be it.

Hear me out.

Case in point.

1. Communicate how we communicate best. Not everybody communicates best verbally. Some people communicate better through writing. Who said there’s a best and right way to communicate? Who made this up?

2. Some people are intimidating. Some people are big in stature. They come off as powerful. Some people act tough and hard. They try to make us feel small. Sometimes it’s hard to say it to their face. So yes, it is easier to hide behind the keyboard when communicating with these types of people.

3. Sometimes we’re outnumbered.

4. Some people talk but don’t listen. They won’t let us get a word in. It’s their way or no way. This is a one-way street.

5. Some people make us uncomfortable. They make us nervous. We get flustered. We can’t think clearly. We can’t put our thoughts together. We can’t get it all out. If we do get it out, it may not come out clearly. Take our time. Get some space. Think. Get it all out, and get it all out clearly, however that may be.

If you stopped bullying me and trying to overpower me, I would say it to your face. If it was a safe environment, I would say it to your face. If you made me feel comfortable, I would say it to your face. If there were open lines of communication, I would say it to your face.

Be strategic. Communicate however we want. Communicate the way we communicate best. Communicate the way that best serves us. Don’t let anybody tell us it’s wrong. I’m not weak. I’m smart.

Control the narrative.

Say what we have to say. Say it however we have to say it. Just get it out there and get it out there clearly.

Please don’t tell me how to communicate. I’ll communicate how I choose to communicate. Capiche?

I’ll use smoke signals if I please.