When I hear people complaining about their problems and when I think about the problems I complain about…

It really makes me stop and think.

Wow. We are petty. We are privileged.

The things we worry about… The things we complain about…

Where have we gone wrong? What are we doing?

We’ve gotten so far away from nature. We’ve lost touch. We’re disconnected.

If we have food, water, shelter, and clothing, we have everything we need.

If we have transportation, cell phones, and the internet, we’re fortunate.

If we can afford to take a vacation and go out to eat, we’re living in luxury.

If we have our health, family, and love, we’re blessed.

Let’s stop complaining about minor inconveniences. Let’s not lose sight of what truly matters and what’s truly important in life.

Stop and think every once in a while.