If you’re reading this…

It’s not too late.

We’re living. We’re breathing. We’re alive. There’s hope. There’s light.

The hope and light keep me going and moving.

I have a love-hate relationship with life. Sometimes I love it. Other times I hate it. Sometimes it’s the best. Other times it’s the absolute worst. Sometimes it’s amazing. Other times it’s intolerable.

I experience pain. I struggle. I suffer. I hurt. A lot. Often. Frequently. Everyday.

I continue because I want to be here for others. I want others to know they’re not alone.

I show up for myself. I show up for others. I show up because I care.

You are not the only one. It’s me too.

We’re alone but together at the same time.

It’s a battle. A war. With ourselves. With our mind. With our body. There’s help out there, but this is our fight.

We are soldiers. We are survivors. We are born to survive.

Although we are alone, remember we’re fighting together. We’re fighting for ourselves. We’re fighting for others. We’re fighting for the greater good. We’re fighting for a cause. We’re fighting for a higher purpose.

Know life can get better. Believe life can get better. For me. For you.

We can heal. We can improve our quality of life. We can live a better life while we’re here. We can improve our lifestyle.

Keep going. Keep working. Don’t quit. Never give up. It will get better little by little.

Push forth. Fight on. Persist. Persevere.

May we never lose hope. May we always have faith. May we constantly believe. May we continuously heal.

I’m fighting for me. I’m fighting for you.

Promise me you’ll never give up on me. I promise you I’ll never give up on you.

We didn’t sign up for this life. But we’re here. Let’s make the best of it. Let’s make the most of our time. Let’s survive. Let’s live. Let’s thrive.

As always, much peace and much love. ✌🏼❤️