She was a firecracker.

She was small but mighty

She was petite but fierce and feisty.

She lived with energy and passion.

She was a competitor.

She had the eye of a tiger.

She was fun.

She laughed loud.

She smiled wide.

She was tough.

She fought hard.

She cared and loved harder.

She was wild, a little crazy.

She was a loose cannon.

She wore her heart on her sleeve.

She was a straight shooter.

She spoke her mind.

She expressed her feelings.

She stood up for what she believed.

She stuck up for those who couldn’t stick up for themselves.

She loved helping those in need.

She protected me.

She taught me to protect myself.

She knew I’d need to know how.

She was a great mother.

She was a great person.

She was a great human.

She is missed.

She is loved.

She is at peace now.

I see a lot of myself in my mom.

I see the good and the bad.

I’m proud of it all.