Today was my second day in a row of running less. I’m still recovering from a high mileage week and weekend.

It freed up some time to hit the weights.

Running and lifting weights are different and both offer benefits. There’s a time and place for both. They give us a different feeling, a different high. Both good feelings.

I’m a little bit sore, a good sore.

We may not realize it, but when we throw weight around, we’re also working our abs and core. We’re constantly squeezing. Our core is under constant pressure, stress, and tension. Our muscles are constantly embraced and engaged.

I can feel it in my abs and core. I can see it in my abs and core. I like it. It feels good.

I love bodyweight workouts. They’re my go-to. I believe it’s important to sprinkle in some weight training as well.

There’s something primal about lifting (and running). It’s natural.

We’re born to move. We’re born to lift and carry. We’re born to bend and lift, push and pull, and rotate.

Lift weights. Release the energy, stress, and tension. Channel the energy. Get stronger. Feel stronger. Be stronger. Feel better. Look better. Boost confidence. It’s addicting.