A Facebook memory photo popped up this morning.

I’m mortified.

My hair. My skin. My color.

That was me.

I clearly didn’t take care of myself.

I’ve transformed. I’m reborn. I’m a new person. I’m proud.

Look how far I’ve come. All of the work is working.

Why did I not take better care of myself?

I’m not just talking physically. I’m also talking mentally, spiritually, and emotionally.

Why did I let myself go?

I used to think being in the best shape of my life meant being in the best shape physically on the outside.

I now know being in the best shape of my life also includes being healthy on the inside.

What happens on the inside seeps to the outside.

You can transform. It’s never too late to start taking care of yourself. It’s never too late to get healthy.

Put in the time. Do the work. Look back at the memories. See how far you’ve come. Witness the transformation. You’ll be proud. You’ll be happy you did.