Just because I work in retail doesn’t mean you can talk down to me and doesn’t mean you are better than me.

You are no better than me.

I am a human. The last time I checked we are all human.

This is a job, a means to survive. It’s not who I am.

I make people’s day.

I help others. I serve others. I do it with a smile. I do it with love and care.

I’m friendly. I make a difference. I’m professional.

I’m kind to others. I make others feel special. I make others feel loved. I give others my undivided attention. I listen. I ask questions. I communicate.

I grew up in retail. I like it. I’m good at it. It comes natural to me.

People can be difficult, but I like people. Always take the high road and do it with a smile. 😁

Shoutout to all of the retail workers. Everybody should work in retail at one time or another. I got your back. I’ll stick up for you. I’ll stand up for you. I’ll fight for you.

I have a Master’s degree and a professional certification and am treated like this from time to time.

What do other people feel like?

It’s my duty not to let people get walked on and treated like this. It’s now my business.