Our writing is our personality. Let it shine.

Perfectionism. Perfectionism stops us from starting. Scared to try. Scared to do anything wrong. Scared to make a mistake. Scared to break the rules.

I was a perfectionist.

I wanted to follow all of the writing rules. I wanted to be a professional. I was afraid of using the wrong grammar and word. I was afraid to write. Fear stopped me.

I’m casual and informal. Why am I trying to be so polished?

Writing is art. Writing is an art form. We are artists. Writing is our artwork.

Writing is self-expression. Express ourselves freely. Our writing represents us and who we are.

Rules kill our personality and suffocate our creativity. Rules make us all the same.

We are different. We are unique. We have style. Our style differentiates and distinguishes us from others. Our style is ours. Keep it. Don’t give it up.

We are humans, not robots and machines. We have hearts, minds, and souls, not engines and motors. We have thoughts, ideas, feelings, and emotions.

We have personality. Put our personal touch on everything we do.

Just because we were taught something doesn’t make it right.

We don’t have to be perfect. Perfect doesn’t exist anyway.

We don’t have conform to all of the arbitrary, made-up rules. Break the rules. Be a rule breaker.

Be bold. Be audacious. Take chances.

How are we going to stand out when we all are the same?

Get back to being ourselves. Get back to our natural language and ways of communication. Get our style back.

Be original. Be unique. Be different.

Be you. Put your personal touch on everything you do. Let your personality shine through.

A comma, hyphen, and semicolon will not stop me, control me, and own me.

Let our guard down. Let fun things be fun. Let it flow. Be free. Let us be.