I gave up suits, ties, and dress shoes for shorts, t-shirts, and running shoes.

I ditched the office, desk, chair, and computer for the gym and retail store.

I’m not directly using my degrees and certifications.

That’s ok. I’ve learned from each and every experience. I’m better for each of them. I grew through them.

I’m not too good for any work. I’m not above any work.

I enjoy standing and moving. I enjoy communicating, interacting, and engaging with people. It’s a strength.

I can make a difference doing anything.

I’ve chosen to follow my heart and soul. I’m doing what I’m most passionate about and interested in. I’m doing what I care about most.

I can make a decent, comfortable living. I can survive. All I need is enough. I’m not greedy and selfish.

My health, happiness, freedom, peace, and time are most important to me.

I don’t miss high-stress, high-pressure work.

I put plenty pressure on myself. I don’t needed an added stressor.

I’m a serious person. I want, maybe need, less serious work for my sanity.

Life is too short to be stressed and in high-pressure situations. Life is too short to be miserable and unhappy with work.

The choice is ours. We can continue burning ourselves out or we can ditch whatever’s making us miserable and unhappy. We can continue on the same path or make a change. We choose.

Have no shame in changing your mind, following your heart, making yourself happy, and doing what’s best for yourself.

Be you. Be true.

As for me, you can find running, training, writing, personal training, and working in retail.