The Bachelor is being filmed near my hometown at Nemacolin Woodlands Resort in southwestern Pennsylvania.

My wife has been watching it. I watched a little bit of it with her.

The Bachelor is not real life. It’s fake. It’s staged.

The Bachelor is a fantasy, a dream world. It doesn’t accurately portray real life and the real world.

Are we setting unrealistic expectations for our relationships? Are we setting ourselves up for failure?

If we compare ourselves, our lives, our dating life, and our relationships to a tv show, are we dooming ourselves? We may think less of our lives and feel like we’re not good enough.

Comparing real to ideal is not a fair comparison. It can be depressing. It can create insecurity. It can ruin relationships.

We face enough pressure and stress while dating. We don’t need added pressure and stress.

Relationships based on infatuation and excitement won’t last. Relationships based on love and commitment will.

Instead of focusing on somebody else’s relationship, spend time working on our relationship. Invest in our relationship.

We can escape our reality or we can better our reality. We can live in fantasyland or reality.

Relationships take work and effort. Relationships are not always rainbows and sunshine. The butterflies go away. The new will become old. Relationships get real. When they get real, that’s when we learn how much we love somebody and how committed we are.

I don’t have a private jet and a helicopter. I don’t have fancy dates. I do have real, genuine love for my wife. Real, genuine love is what relationships are all about.