I just got a sandwich from a sandwich shop.

The person taking my order was having trouble. The person looked new. Their hands were shaking – clearly anxious, nervous, stressed and feeling pressure.

I started losing patience. It took longer than it usually does.

Then I put myself in this person’s shoes. I can relate. We all can. We’ve all been there. We’ve all been rushed. People put pressure on us. It’s stressful. New is stressful.

We’ve all been a beginner. We’ve all not known what we were doing.

I went on to be extremely gentle, kind, patient, and thankful.

Help people calm down and relax. Help them feel safe and comfortable. Create peaceful situations for others. They’ll appreciate it. You’ll boost their confidence, and they’ll be better for it. Then hopefully they’ll pass the favor along to others.

Be courteous. Treat others how we’d want to be treated in the same exact situation.

They’re working. They’re trying their best. That’s enough. That’s good enough.

We’re all out here trying our best.