Discipline: Rest and Recover

Yesterday I took a day off from running – the first day I took off from running since after my marathon in October.

I love running streaks. I don’t want to miss a day.

But this is what I’ve learned:

Discipline is not only what we do. It’s also what we don’t do.

It takes discipline to push ourselves. It also takes discipline to pull the reins and pull ourselves back.

Discipline is saying yes and saying no.

Listen to our body. When we feel beat down and depleted, take a day off.

I rarely ever take a day off, but I’ve learned to either choose to take a day or two off every once in a while or my body will break down and choose for me.

I can choose to take a day or two off on my own terms or be forced to take time off due to an injury.

Overtraining can do more harm than good and can be detrimental to our training, mind, and body.

Rest and recover or our body will make us.

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