Our common enemy is not a single person or group of people.

Our closed, small, low minds are our common enemy.

Humans beings are not our enemies. Here are our real enemies:

Our unwillingness to listen

Our unwillingness to try to understand

Our unwillingness to accept

Our unwillingness to think, feel, communicate, express, and share

Our unwillingness to change

Our unwillingness to see things from different perspectives

Our unwillingness to dig deep and go beyond the surface level

Holding on to the past, old ideas, and old ways of thinking and living

Greed and selfishness

The quest for power and fortune at all costs

Our unwillingness to help others

Jealousy, envy, and comparison


Fighting and violence

Our egos

Thinking we are right and know everything

We can defeat our enemies by:

Connecting, communicating, and listening

Loving and caring

Being kind and compassionate

Being patient and empathetic

Serving and helping others

Being humble

Accepting and trying to understand

Being open, embracing new, and giving others a chance