I remember looking and staring at people who held hands and prayed at the table in restaurants before eating.

I looked and stared in shock and awe.

I may have not understood it in the past. I do now.

I now realize exactly what they were doing and fully appreciate the act.

I don’t see it often but wish I did. I love seeing people holding hands and coming together to give thanks.

Praying at a table in a public restaurant takes deep faith and belief. It takes guts and confidence.

I respect this act of gratitude. It’s powerful for the people giving thanks as well as for everybody who sees it.

Before we look, laugh, judge, question, and stare, take some time to think about what’s actually going on.

Thank you to the people who hold hands and give thanks at the table.

You inspire me to be better.

I’m going to do a better job of giving thanks for every bite of food I take and every sip of water I drink and for all of the goodness in my life.