Success is a term we frequently hear thrown around.

I think as a society we often correlate success with fortune, fame, and power.

I believe we need to break down success into pieces and look at each piece individually.

Is the wealthiest, most famous, most powerful person in the world successful if they don’t have family, friends, health, hobbies, happiness, freedom, love, time, and peace of mind?

We can be successful in one aspect of life and not so successful in another.

Before we judge success by money, material possessions, fame, and power, think about all of the other aspects of life.

Are we volunteering? Are we serving others? Are we doing what we love, what makes us happy, and what bring us peace and joy? Are we making time for our loved ones? Are we taking care of our health? Do we have free time?

Until we as a society redefine success, we’re going to be chasing all of the wrong things.