I don’t enjoy giving and receiving presents.

As for receiving:

I have everything I need and don’t want for much. I am a minimalist and am very selective.

I don’t mean to come off as unappreciative. Out of respect, I’d rather others save their time and money and give to somebody who is in need.

As for giving:

I believe in thoughtful giving, not giving just to give. Presents should have meaning, serve a purpose, and have a reason. I don’t believe in wasting. Nobody needs more junk laying around.

Do they want it? Do they need it? Will they use it and enjoy it? Will it add value to their lives? Will it make them happy? Will it make them better? Will it help them?

Presents need not be extravagant but from the heart. Presents should reflect who we are.

I’m more mindful than I’ve ever been. I believe presents should encourage constructive decisions and support positive choices.

Holidays should be full of peace and joy not pressure and stress.

Give because we want to give. Give with intention. Give from the heart. Give the gift of time and love.