Love is the answer.

We can’t change people.

We can’t change people who don’t see a problem with their behavior.

We can’t force people to listen. We can’t force people to change.

We can educate and inform others. We can teach others. We can share our perspective. We can share our thoughts and feelings. We can share our stories and experiences.

We can love others. We can always love others.

We can spread love. We can promote peace. We can lead by example.

We can be kind. We can always be kind.

There’s no place in this world for hate.

We can try to extinguish hatred by consistently, continuously, and constantly loving and spreading love. We can be persistent and never let up.

Love all people – not just people who look like you, act like you, walk like you, and talk like you. Love is the answer. Be the love. Spread the love.

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