Seek and You Shall Find

When you feel like you’ve looked everywhere and feel like giving up, keep looking.

What you’re looking for is out there.

Maybe it’s in you.

We lose patience.

It gets frustrating and exhausting.

But turn over every stone.

What you’re looking for is worth it.

Always pay attention and be on the lookout.

Keep searching.

Keep digging.

Seek and you shall find.

Keep Going

Never lose faith,
Got to have it,
Keep it unwavering,
Like a habit.

Never give up,
Never give in,
Remain steadfast,
Until you win.

Day Off

I don’t take a day off when I’m sore or tired.

I take a day off when my performance starts to decline.

When my performance starts to suffer, I know it’s time to take a day off.

I don’t take a day off because I want to.

I take a day off because I need to recharge.

The Person

The runner makes the shoes.

The shoes don’t make the runner.

The golfer makes the clubs and balls.

The clubs and balls don’t make the golfer.

The player makes the bat.

The bat doesn’t make the player.

Focus more on getting better than the equipment you use.

The best athletes in the world could compete without the best equipment.

The worst could not compete with the best.

I’m not saying equipment doesn’t help and doesn’t matter, but it’s not as important as you and your skills.

You and your skills are the most important thing.

Accessories are complementary not the main thing.

Develop yourself.

Develop your skills.

Master your craft.

And remember, the person makes the tools.

Better for It

I don’t like everything that has happened to me, but I’m better for everything that has happened to me.


My old self would call me lame,

Many others would too,

It doesn’t matter what people think,

As long as you’re living and being true to you.

Loyalty Is Like A Relationship

Loyalty is like a relationship.

We must give loyalty to receive loyalty.

We must receive loyalty to give loyalty.

Both parties must be loyal to each other or it won’t work.


People want us to be loyal.

Businesses want us to be loyal.

They assume we’re going to be loyal.

They expect us to be loyal.

I want to be loyal.

But I will not be blindly loyal.

I will not be loyal for the sake of being loyal.

Do you care about me?

Are you choosing me?

Are you loyal to me?

I will not be loyal for no reason.

I need a reason to be loyal.

I’m not asking for much.

Throw a dog a bone every once in a while.

If you show me love, I won’t just be loyal, I’ll be the loyalist.


I don’t make promises.

I just try not to say things I don’t mean and try to mean the things I say.

We don’t need to make promises.

Just do the things we say we’re going to do and not do the things we say we’re not going to do.

Our word carries more weight that way.

We Have to Live

We carry our scars and trauma with us forever.

We can’t remove our scars.

We can’t undo what we’ve seen, heard, experienced, and felt.

We can’t get rid of our bad memories.

The hurt and pain leaves us scared and hesitant.

It leaves us indecisive and stuck in our tracks.

We don’t want to go through it again.

We don’t want to feel it again.

We live in fear.

And that fear holds us back and stops us from living.

Trying to avoid mistakes is not living.

Trying to avoid pain is not living.

Living in fear is not living.

It’s a surefire way to not do anything.

It’s a surefire way not to live the life we’re capable of living.

It’s a surefire way not to feel joy.

We have to live.