When you believe in yourself, you bet on yourself.

Reap the Benefits Tomorrow

Discipline is not wanting to do something but doing it anyway because you know it will benefit you.

Delaying gratification is doing something you don’t want to do today because you know it will benefit you one day in the future.

Be disciplined.

Delay gratification.

Be patient.

Reap the benefits tomorrow.

Live a better tomorrow.

Hard Things Seem Easier

Do harder things to make hard things seem easier.

For example:

Run a marathon to make a half marathon seem easier.

Run a 5:00 mile to make a 5:30
mile seem easier.

Run 90 miles in a week to make 70 miles in a week seem easier.

Once you do something harder, hard things seem easier.

The Difference

The difference between winning and losing and failing and succeeding is in your mindset and mentality.

The difference between winning and losing and succeeding and failing is in your self-belief and self-confidence.

The difference is in your mind.

The difference is inside.

Sick of My Own Excuses

I got sick of my own excuses.

I got tired of making excuses.

That’s when things changed.

A funny thing happened when I decided to stop making excuses.

I got better.

I got stronger.

I started focusing.

I started executing.

I started doing things I could not do.

Our thoughts are powerful.

Our mind is powerful.

We are powerful.

We are a force.

Stop whining.

Stop complaining.

Stop blaming.

Stop making excuses.

Make the decision.


Decide to stop making excuses.

Just suck it up and do it.

That’s a breakthrough moment.

That’s a life-changing moment.

That’s how we get to the next level.

Take control of your mind.

The difference is in your head.

Decide in your mind to execute.

Decide in your mind to exert yourself.

Then execute and exert yourself.

And remember, you are strong, and you are tough.

Less Excuses, More Exertion

Less excuses, more exertion.

When it came to some of my workouts and races, I made excuses.

I blamed physical things.

Maybe some of the reasons were valid.

But what I’m realizing is I was not focused and mentally weak.

I thought I was giving my best effort.

And maybe I was at the time.

But I’m learning there’s a whole nother level to tap into.

There’s another gear in there.

I’m still doing the physical work (more than ever).

I’m also doing the mental work.

And it’s working.

The work is working.

The work works.

I feel stronger than ever.

I feel better than ever.

I’m digging deeper than ever.

I’m exerting myself.

I’m exerting my will.

It all starts in the mind.


Exert yourself.

It’s Possible

It’s possible.

Don’t let anybody tell you otherwise.

Don’t let anybody get in your head.

Don’t let anybody shoot down your ideas.

Don’t let anybody rain on your parade.

Don’t let nonbelievers stop you from believing.

If you believe it’s possible, it’s possible.



If you desire it, dedicate yourself to it.

Have the drive to get started.

Have the discipline to work for it.

Have the determination to keep going.

Have the determination to never stop, never quit, never give up.

Have the determination to stick with it and get it.

It all starts with an initial desire and making a decision to act.


Do something common uncommonly well.

Have uncommonly high standards.

Be uncommonly committed and consistent.

Be uncommonly dedicated, determined, and disciplined.

Practice uncommonly.

Be uncommonly persistent and relentless.

Have an uncommon attitude.

Exert uncommon effort.

Have an uncommon work ethic.

In order to do something uncommonly well, you have to uncommonly care about what you’re doing.

You have to love what you’re doing.

You have to be passionate about what you’re doing.

When you find the thing, your will and desire will be uncommon.

In turn, you and your success will be uncommon.

Regular and Consistent

There are many ways to work a muscle.

The most important thing is you show up regularly and work it.

There are many workouts you can do to become a better runner.

The most important thing is you show up regularly and run.

Exercise selection and specific workouts are not as important as consistency.

It doesn’t matter what you do if you’re not consistent.

It doesn’t matter what you do if you only do it every once in a while.

It doesn’t matter what you occasionally do.

What matters most is what you consistently do.

Get consistency right first.

Work on being consistent before sweating the details.

Be consistent.

Show up regularly.