Life Is Ahead of Us

Life is ahead of us not behind us.

All attention forward.

All energy forward.

Full steam ahead.

Set Yourself Free

Dwelling on the past and blaming the past doesn’t get us anywhere.

It’s a ball and chain.

It keeps us stuck in the same place.

We try to move forward but struggle because the weight is heavy.

We waste energy dragging it with us.

We’re stuck until we break free.

We have to break free so we can move on and move forward.

We have to break free so we can move freely toward a better life and a better future.

It takes courage and strength to break free.

I’m sick of being a prisoner.

I’m ready to be free.

I’m setting myself free.

Change Starts with Me

There are things I’ve learned that I need to unlearn.

There are things I didn’t learn that I’ve learned and am still learning.

It’s nobody’s job to teach me and train me.

It’s my job to teach myself and train myself.

Growing up we’re at the mercy of our parents, teachers, coaches, and other influences in our lives.

As we mature, it’s our job to seek answers and to take responsibility for our lives.

Change starts with me.

Crush It

I’m not looking to finish races. I’m looking to crush races. I’m looking to dominate races.

Know better. Do better.

When we’re young, we’re ignorant and naive.

We lack knowledge, wisdom, experience, reason, and judgement.

We don’t know better.

While growing up, ignorance may be an excuse.

We get away with more and are given more leniency.

But as we learn, grow, develop, and mature it’s not an excuse.

And it takes time to develop judgment.

We develop at different rates.

Some of us may never fully mature.

We all have work to do.

Take a deep dive inside.

Do some reflecting.

Seek information, knowledge, and wisdom.

Learn as we live.

Know better.

Do better.


I had a breakdown today.

I cried.

It felt good.

I needed that.

It doesn’t all of a sudden make everything better.

But getting it out does provide some relief.

On My Grind

Marathon training mentality:

Push my body and mind to the limit.

Go as hard as I can until I’m about to break.

When I feel I’m about at that point, take a break and rest.

Repeat the cycle.

Improvement is a physical and mental grind.


The only person I complain to is my wife.

Maybe I complain to my dad sometimes, but I try not to and haven’t lately.

I vent through my writing, but I try not to complain.

Nobody wants to hear me complain.

Nobody wants to hear about my issues and problems.

People have their own issues and problems.

Plus I don’t want to be negative and a downer.

There’s plenty of negativity swirling and circulating.

The world doesn’t need more of it.

I don’t want to be a part of it.

We all have issues we’re working through.

We can work through them without taking our misery and suffering out on others.

Good News

I could really use some good news. I hope you get some too.